Where can we pay Bitcoin?

Where can we pay Bitcoins? Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency can be traded off anywhere, but is it so? In this article, we will look at the industries where we can pay Bitcoin.

The most popular and the first cryptocurrency is all over the news, people are going crazy over Bitcoins investing as much as their entire life savings on it. However, the question arises that how to properly use that Bitcoin portfolio for everyday services like say buying groceries or buying pretty much anything either real or virtual.

In the early days, Bitcoin was mostly traded for Pizzas. We can read a ton of news articles about how a person traded off 10,000 of them for 2 Pizzas. Also, these articles often talk about how much these Bitcoins would be worth if the person holding them. However, it was still early and Bitcoins were still getting off and maybe if these initial transactions wouldn’t have taken place, we might not have seen the phenomenal rise of Bitcoins.

Now that 1 Bitcoin or BTC is worth more than $55,000 as of 18 November 2021, Bitcoin holds a market cap of almost $1.149 trillion. With so much money in flow it is reasonable to deduce that many businesses are willing to accept Bitcoins as a payment. We’ve listed a few available options where we can spend Bitcoins for a variety of purposes.

Offline Industries where we can pay Bitcoin

Food and Beverages

Bitcoin has definitely passed the Pizza days, but we can still pay Bitcoins for Food. Many fast-food companies like Burger King, KFC, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Subway takes or has taken Bitcoins as payments and many more are likely to join this list in the near future.

Automobile Manufacturing Industry

It has been all over the news when Elon Musk announced that Tesla would accept payments in Bitcoins, creating a lot of hype around them. Unfortunately, they temporarily held this decision due to environmental concerns about the technology and the energy consumption by blockchain technology.


It’s a bit unusual when you think of a way to spend Bitcoins, but many Jewelers such as REEDS have started accepting Bitcoins for their jewelry to cater to new Crypto Millionaires that make big bucks in the Crypto Boom. Some also cater for Crypto as just a new method of payment, but whatever the reason might be, Bitcoins can now be Traded for jewelry.

Game Tickets

Premier Sports teams such as Miami Dolphins and Dallas Mavericks accept Bitcoins as a payment for tickets.

Movies and Theater

The good news for Crypto geeks who love movies is that many Cinemas and Theaters are accepting Bitcoin as a method to pay for the tickets. AMC Theaters and Lionsgate Films have announced that they’ll be allowing their audience to pay Bitcoins for their tickets.

Online Industries where we can pay Bitcoin

Donations and Charity

Bitcoins are frequently used for Donations and Charity. Just a simple donation to Wikipedia or our favorite blogger will encourage them to provide us with the content we like a lot. Bitcoins can also be used to purchase Reddit Gold, which gives the ability to reward favorite posts with awards.

Video Games

Microsoft allows their user to purchase video games and in-game currencies for Cryptocurrencies. They also offer other services and apps in exchange for Bitcoins.

Gift Cards

Big retailers like Amazon are yet to make a move on Cryptocurrencies, however, there’s a way to get past it with the use of Gift cards. We can buy Gift Cards in exchange for Bitcoins from companies like Gyft and then redeem them at our favorite online retail store whenever we want to!

VPN Services

We’ve all seen tons of ads by various VPN companies about how VPNs works and why we should use them. Many popular VPN Service Providers such as ExpressVPN accept Bitcoins for their subscription fees, and users can avail them with the help of bitpay app.

Travel Services

Many Travel websites have provided the facility of payment with BTC for their users to enhance their position in the market. A lot of websites like Bitcoin.travel, BTCTrip, WebJets, etc., allow users to pay in the decentralized currency for their services.

Mobile Carriers and ISPs

Big players in this domain such as AT&T has announced that they’ll be accepting Bitcoins through the popular payment processor, BitPay. With companies like AT&T and DISH in the game, we can expect many more companies to join them and provide services for Cryptocurrencies.


Hope this gives us an idea about where to spend the invested Bitcoins and trade them off for Online or Offline services. These are the few options where one can pay for services in BTC and there will be much more in the future.

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