Who was Mr Goxx and why he’s a legend?

The unfortunate death of Mr Goxx has devastated people all over the globe. Some people might not know about him. So, this article will tell them who was Mr Goxx and why he’s a legend.

Who was Mr Goxx?

People who watch memes and are familiar with Cryptocurrency trading will remember the Legendary character in the Crypto world, Mr Goxx, the Hamster. Those who know him are fond of his cute little paws and his excellent ability to invest in Cryptocurrency. Mr Goxx has had a successful run in investing. Often surpassing the profits of seasoned investors. However, the skills possessed by this adorable Hamster are unmatchable.

Wait, how can a Hamster trade Cryptocurrencies!?

With the help of the state of the art technology, Mr Goxx’s caretaker made him a special house or should we say an office called the Goxx house where Mr Goxx did all his trading.

His office, the ‘Mr Goxx trading office’ was attached to his cage has a special construction. It allowed him to make decisions regarding the Cryptocurrency he wants to purchase/sell. His trading office had a Hamster wheel called the ‘intention wheel’ which he used to determine which Cryptocurrency he wants to trade. Additionally, Mr Goxx’s office had two tunnels marked ‘Buy’ and ‘sell’ and by entering through them, Mr Goxx determined if he wanted to buy the coin of intention wheel or sell it.

His caretakers designed his Office with elaborate sensors and electronics which according to Mr Goxx’s wishes, proceeded the transactions for him.

Mr Goxx’s illustrious Crypto trading career

Compared to other seasoned investors, Mr Goxx has a relatively short span of trading experience. Also with the IQ of a Hamster, he outperformed many investors and surprised everyone with his profits.

His seamless career started in the late summer of 2021. It was on the 22nd of June when Mr Goxx first stepped(literally) into the Cryptocurrency trading world. With whatever skills he had and whatever strategies a Hamster can make, he proved himself to be one of the best traders in the world. Within a couple of months, the Crypto trading hamster had made a whopping 20% profit with his skills. On top of that, he was actively streaming his calculated decisions of running on the intention wheel on the popular streaming website, Twitch.

On comparisons of the Hamster’s portfolio with that of Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway. Mr Goxx outperformed them in terms of profits. The caretakers strictly warned viewers to not view Mr Goxx’s predictions as actual financial advice. However, whoever would’ve followed Mr Goxx’s portfolio would’ve been really happy. Additionally, Mr Goxx even outperformed the biggest Cryptocurrency Bitcoin on one particular occasion.

Untimely death

On the unfortunate day of the 24th of November, Mr Goxx took his last breath and said goodbye to the world. The world was devastated by the news of Mr Goxx’s death. His demise was reported by his caretaker shortly on Twitter.

Many Twitter users expressed their sorrow and sadness by tweeting about the adorable little investor. Additionally, some said that the Blockchain world will never be the same after his untimely demise. For sure, there will be no investor as unique and great as Mr Goxx.

In a world where people are constantly stressed and exhausted, seeing a small animal do cute things gives a sense of calmness and ease. This also was a big reason why he was so loved by everybody all over the globe.

Rest in peace Mr Goxx. He’s a true legend. We hope you have an exalted status in the Hamster heaven and you will always be immortalised in our hearts.

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