Why I Invested In MANA?

Believe it early or believe it when the world does, but metaverse is going to be the future. Companies like Facebook have bet their entire company’s success over the metaverse success. Metaverse is at a very early stage yet the perfect time to be an early investor and profit out of it. 

Grayscale research estimates that the metaverse will bring around revenue of $400 billion in the next 5 years. Cathie Wood says that the metaverse market could be worth over $1 trillion in the coming decade. And this proves how worth your investments can be if you do it early and only if you do it now.

But how do you invest in the metaverse? 

Two ways. 

Invest in companies that are building their metaverse or into cryptos. Many cryptos are building their metaverse. Why invest in Mana only? Let’s find out what I like the most about Mana(Decentraland).


Decentraland is a decentralized 3D virtual reality platform where users can create, buy, sell or do anything they wish they can do in the real world. The freedom to do anything is what makes these projects exciting and rewarding. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Reasons To Invest

• It is the 28th largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the largest cryptocurrency in the metaverse space. Mana is their crypto token. 

Among its competitors like Axis Infinity, Sandbox, I like the games and virtual experience provided by Decentraland.

• Decentraland has attracted large institutional investors like the Grayscale. When such investors seek value in a metaverse token, it automatically creates trust and scope for value in the future.

• While the metaverse is still new for people, you can be an early investor in the projects. Remember the reward is high, but then the risk is high too. 

• The governance in the platform is decentralized. 

This is the next form of making decisions where like-minded people having the same interests are in charge of making decisions in the metaverse world without the interference of a central authority. Mana token holders will have the power to implement the policies and changes they want in the Decentraland world.

Like all cryptos, Decentraland is also a risky investment. It is advised to do your research before investing in any coin and invest only 10% of your total investment into cryptos. While the reward can be very high, it always comes with high risks.

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