With a new job listing, Reddit teases the launch of the NFT platform.

Reddit looks to be seeking developers for a blockchain project, which might indicate that the network is working on a new feature. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rage right now, and social media behemoths are cashing in by developing their own platforms, with Reddit perhaps being the most recent. We’ve already seen Facebook and Twitter add support for NFTs to their platforms, so it’s no surprise that Reddit is hiring a backend developer to help drive the production, adoption, and exchange of tokenized items.

According to a report by Cointelegraph, a few users saw a job posting on the recruiting portal Greenhouse, where Reddit advertised a need for a senior backend developer for the NFT platform. The organization is reportedly looking for workers to join a team working on a ‘blockchain-based project.’

Reddit is looking for additional staff to assist “design, construct, and ship backend services for millions of users to produce, buy, trade, and use NFT-backed digital items,” according to the job advertisement. Many believe the corporation is developing its own NFT arena for buying and selling non-fungible tokens and other cryptocurrencies as a result of this.

Other requirements for the position include at least five years of experience in backend programming and the ability to design and execute sophisticated distributed systems that are subject to heavy loads.

“If there’s one thing we’ve seen with NFTs,” Reddit stated in the job posting, “it’s that they, too, have an astounding power to engender a sense of engagement and belonging.” “Every new NFT project brings with it a thriving community of owners. We anticipate that this trend will continue, and that NFTs will play an increasingly important part in how people support their favourite creators and communities.”

If Reddit does go ahead and build an NFT platform, it is expected to compete with OpenSea, which is presently one of the largest NFT marketplaces. OpenSea’s dominance is projected to wane as additional social media businesses enter the market. It may be too early for a strong opponent to emerge, but based on the job ad, it appears that Reddit, for one, is dead set on getting on board the NFT hype train as soon as possible.

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