WWE To Launch An NFT Marketplace In The Near Future!

WWE has agreed to collaborate with Blockchain Creative Labs on the launch of a near-future NFT marketplace. It’s a multi-year deal for digital WWE tokens and collectibles that are licenced.

About Blockchain Creative Labs

FOX Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment own Blockchain Creative Labs, a new NFT enterprise and creative studio. WWE Superstars and events such as WrestleMania and SummerSlam will be featured in Blockchain Creative’s NFTs, which will be created in collaboration with WWE.

Blockchain Creative Labs, a new non-fungible token (NFT) business and creative studio, has been founded by FOX Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment. This is Blockchain Creative Labs’ first content collaboration with a company other than FOX.

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About FOX Entertainment

Fox Entertainment Group was a 21st Century Fox-owned American entertainment corporation that specialised in cinematic entertainment. Following Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox, the company’s assets were absorbed by several Disney divisions.

About Bento Box

Bento Box Entertainment is an American animation company based in Los Angeles, California’s North Hollywood district. Executive producers Scott Greenberg, Joel Kuwahara, and Mark McJimsey launched it in 2009. It is a Fox Corporation company that operates under the Fox Entertainment division.

In collaboration with Blockchain Creative Labs, WWE will create valid NFTs for the company’s entire collection of digital assets, including WWE superstars and noteworthy events from the past and present. SummerSlam and Wrestlemania will be among the major events covered.

The token and collectibles will be powered by Eluvio blockchain technology, which is ecologically friendly. On the other hand, the token will work with Ethereum and other blockchains.

Source: Blockchain Global

“Blockchain Creative Labs has quickly become a leader in the space with an incredible executive team that understands the NFT arena and its potential,” said Scott Zanghellini, WWE Senior Vice President, Revenue Strategy & Development.

On the upcoming marketplace, customers will be able to purchase, trade, sell, and store digital tokens. To purchase products in fiat currency or cryptocurrency, fans must first create an Eluvio WWE digital wallet.

According to a WWE official, the marketplace’s name and debut date have yet to be determined.

“Blockchain Creative Labs is excited to partner with WWE in launching its official NFT ecosystem. We know WWE’s passionate fan community will love owning authentic digital goods across the organization’s creative universe — from past and present stars to classic, culture-defining moments,” the spokesperson said.

NFT Studio, according to Scott Greenbe, is about allowing fans to buy NFTs and tokens with utility and social clout directly from the creators and businesses they care about.

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