ZebPay introduces Zebb, Offering SIP Plans For BTC & ETH Like Mutual Funds

Zebpay, the oldest and most trustworthy crypto-asset exchange in India today introduced ZEBB, a new software that allows users to quick, easy, and convenient Bitcoin and Ether Systematic Investment Planning (SIP) solutions.

With investments of as low as Rs 100, ZEBB lets customers start their Bitcoin and Ether SIP with only three taps.

Together with experienced traders and crypto lovers, ZEBB strives to facilitate Bitcoin and Ether investments for everybody by reducing the entrance barrier.

At ZebPay, we have always encouraged investors to dollar or rupee cost average. With ZEBB, we are making it easy and effortless for investors to do so.” Says Avinash Shekhar, Co-Chief Executive Officer, ZebPay.

What’s people hold onto this new scheme?

The official twitter handle of ZebPay also posted a passive earning post through crypto investment in its application which guarantees the investor 12% returns on holding.

Adding more about the application and investment planning, Co- Chief executive officer, Avinash Shekar said,

“Bitcoin and Ethereum are revolutionary technologies with tremendous growth potential, and SIP is known as one of the most efficient models of wealth creation helping users to invest in the best possible average buy price. If, for instance, an investor had bought Rs. 100 Bitcoin every week in the past year, they would have gained around 72% on their total investment of Rs. 5200.”

COO ZebPay, Avunash Shekhar /via Twitter.com

About ZebPay

ZebPay, the leading cryptoasset trading industry in India since 2014, produces ZEBB. Just like ZebPay, ZEBB’s goal is always to maintain customer data security and the protection of client deposits and wallet holdings

ZEBB has established top-class security procedures including cold storage of cryptography, security audits of third parties and bug bounty programmes so that customers may acquire HODL cryptographic assets securedly.

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