Zerogoki Airdrop: The Token Which Rose 10x!


What is the Zerogoki token?

The Zerogoki token is a cryptocurrency network operating on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a subsidiary token known as the REI token. The Zergoki network is named as “zero” since it is a relatively new project and is in a prototype stage. It is a leveraged mining platform where users can mint REI coins.

In addition to the REI token, the network provides leverage to users to operate in instruments such as gold, bonds and foreign exchange. The REI token obtained from the Zerogoki network can be used by the users to purchase the mentioned assets directly.

zerogoki airdrop
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What do you need to know about the airdrop?

The Zerogoki network has decided to airdrop its REI token. The prize pool will be worth a $3,000 REI token. The network will airdrop this prize pool to 1,000 lucky winners. The current number of participants who have registered for this event stands at 14,106.

Since the zerogoki network is a relatively new platform, conducting an airdrop is the best marketing policy. Moreover, the airdropped token will make REI token highly popular.

The usage of the REI tokens on the Zerogoki network will make the users aware of its functions. Once the winners realize the properties of the REI token and use it to buy assets such as gold, bonds and Forex, they will be inclined to use it more.

This airdrop is a great marketing strategy and will be successful since the network has deliberately limited the winners so as to maximize the ambiguity and enthusiasm.

What are the benefits of this airdrop?

There are certain benefits to the network as well as the winners.

As mentioned above, the zerogoki airdrop will be a great marketing strategy for the network. The network will gain publicity for the coin by incurring only $3,000 worth REI coins.

The winners of the airdrop will benefit a lot. The Zerogoki network is an up-and-coming platform to buy assets through REI coins. Moreover, the network is based on the Ethereum blockchain. With the development of Ethereum and launch of Ethereum 2.0, the Zerogoki network as well as the REI token will advance.

Moreover, the REI token is already gaining popularity. The coin has risen 1000% in a month. The value of the coin has increased from $0.22 to $1.9899 in a month. The volumes experienced by the coin are unprecedented for newly launched coins. The winners of the airdrop are likely to gain the same amount of profit in the future or even more. The coin is still in its early stages and it will see a significant rise in market value.

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